Centre Cuts Salon & Spa 6 Belgrade Avenue Roslindale, MA 02131   617-325-0002 

 July 2020


An open letter to our public:


We hope this letter finds you and your families safe and well. Our staff and their families are all safe and well. 


Centre Cuts closed on March 21st due to the Corona Virus Pandemic and reopened on May 26th. While closed, work began immediately to re-outfit our work space. These precautionary measures were put in place to ensure safety for our staff and all future visitors to our salon and spa. Our guidance came from four directions: the CDC, STATE, CITY and the Division of Licensure of Cosmetology. All of our staff have been certified by Barbicide, a global leader of disinfection in the Professional Beauty Industry. We believe we have done a good job preparing for our clients return. We feel safe working.


Each visitor to our salon is screened at the time of scheduling their appointment and then again when their appointment is confirmed for COVID symtoms. All who enter must wear a mask that loops around the ears, and are required to visit the Hand Sanitizing Station or proceed directly to the restroom to wash their hands. When you arrive at the salon, your service provider will accompany you to the area where your service will be done. All the staff are required to wear a mask and service providers wear a protective gown/ covering. The sales support team will be interacting with you during your visit to schedule your next appointment and/or gather your retail purchases. This is done to avoid lines at the desk upon checking out.


The feedback we are receiving from the clients who have been back is positive and reassuring that our salon is conducting business with the upmost concern to keep our clients and staff safe. We are thankful to the guests who have returned and are repeating their visits. It is fully understood that not all of you are ready to return. When you are ready, we will be ready for you.



Centre Cuts Salon and Spa just celebrated its 40th Birthday on July 1st! Over the years, we have been blessed with great staff, loyal clients, and the support of great neighborhoods. We are all persevering through challenging times. If we manage these challenges with safe smart decisions, we will be there for eachother now and in the future. Again, we wish to thank you for your patronage and support. We are here for you because you have been there for us. 


Thank you, 

Terry, Edna and the entire staff of Centre Cuts Salon and Spa 

See you in the Village Square!